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The Department of Safety and Professional Services recently reviewed licensure requirements and processes and determined that a photograph of applicants for the following credentials is no longer required:


Private Detective

Private Security Permit

Private Detective/Security Guard Agency


This change is effective immediately and applies to applications currently in process.  Application forms and information on the DSPS website have been updated to reflect this change.

Rules Update

The Pharmacy Examining Board approved changes that went into effect November 1st to allow prescription medications to be delivered to a location of the patient’s choice.  The consultation requirement is met by the pharmacist providing a notice that consultation is available relative to the prescriptions(s) being delivered.  In these cases directions and a means of contacting the pharmacist must accompany the delivery.  The Pharmacy Examining Board determined that permitting the delivery to a location of the patient’s choice would be beneficial to patients and to pharmacies without negatively impacting public safety.  More information can be found in Phar 7.01(1)(e)
here.  A list of all pending rulemaking projects is available here.

DFI Transfer

Due to recent legislative changes, the following credential types will be regulated by the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) beginning November 1, 2013:

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Professional Fund-raisers
  • Fund-raising Counsels
  • Professional Employer Organizations
  • Professional Employer Organizations - Limited (Small Operations)
  • Professional Employer Groups
  • Professional Employer Groups - Limited (Small Operations)

For answers to common questions about this transition, please see the Frequently Asked Questions

Building Contractor Registration

2013 Wisconsin Act 20 invalidated the authority of the Department of Safety and Professional Services to require a Building Contractor Registration effective July 2, 2013. If your application for a Building Contractor Registration was received by the department on July 2, 2013, or after that date, the application will be discarded and the fees refunded.

Professional Credential Certificates Available On-line

Effective May 8, 2013, Professional License holders can log in to print or download their own credentials.  Standard Wall Certificates, Governor-signed Wall Certificates, and Wallet Cards can be printed or downloaded free of charge by logging in here:  https://online.drl.wi.gov/UserLogin.aspx

Wall Certificates and Governor-signed Wall Certificates can also be purchased from the Division of Professional Credential Processing for $10.  Please use this order form:

New license holders will no longer receive a wall certificate upon issuance of the license.  They will receive an email (or letter via USPS mail if no email address is provided) indicating the credential number, and directions to log in and print certificates from the website.

For a list of Professional License Types, click here: http://dsps.wi.gov/Default.aspx?Page=5c2e4e51-1130-48af-a6b7-92a5047d1ebf


Statewide electrical licensing has been delayed by one year.  Most electricians who install, repair or maintain electrical wiring will have to be licensed by the Department before 4/1/14.  Trades Professions

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Electrical Wiring


Starting February 11, 2013, and continuing through March 31, 2015, 2011 Act 190 will allow all people who hold a barber-cosmetologist practitioner license to exchange it for a barber license, if they wish. Please visit the renewal page for more detailed information.

Licensing Fees

As required by Statute, the Department of Safety and Professional Services conducts a fee study each biennium to determine the administrative and enforcement costs attributable to each profession. Based on this mandate, the Department set new fees for the 2013-2015 biennium and forwarded them to the Joint Committee on Finance for a 14-day passive review and approval. The request was approved on February 25, 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding License Fees

Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Pursuant to 2013 Act 3, veterinarians are no longer included in the definition of practitioners who have to collect and submit data to the Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).  Therefore, veterinarians do not have to continue collecting data to submit to the PDMP and they are not required to submit the data that they have been collecting since January 1, 2013.

For more information, visit the
PDMP web pages.